Ethan Penner

Managing Partner, CIO

Vicky Schiff

Managing Partner, COO

Steve Bergman

Sr. Managing Director, Business Development

Bruce Davidson

Managing Director, Head of Asset Management

Sunny Parmar, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer

Kate Miller

Senior Vice President, Investments

Alex Ovalle

Senior Vice President, Investments

Peter Pasqua

Senior Vice President, Asset Management

Phil Haspel

Vice President, Asset Management

Natalie Viola

Assistant Vice President, Investments

Connor Grosskopf

Senior Associate


Trevor Fay

Senior Associate

Caitlin Ferrara

Vice President, Accounting

Kevin Walker


Becca Xiang

Associate, Asset Management

Michelle Gutierrez

Executive Assistant

Marissa Gonzalez

Executive Assistant

Executive Committee

Steve Bergman, Vicky Schiff, Ethan Penner, Bruce Davidson

Macro Economic Advisor

James Rickards
Macroeconomic & Geopolitical Advisor

Director of The James Rickards Project, an inquiry into the complex dynamics of geopolitics + global capital.  Author of The New Case for Gold (April 2016), and two New York Times best sellers, The Death of Money (2014), and Currency Wars (2011).  Former Portfolio manager, lawyer, and economist, and has held senior positions at Citibank, Long-Term Capital Management, and Caxton Associates. In 1998, he was the principal negotiator of the rescue of LTCM sponsored by the Federal Reserve. His clients include institutional investors and government. directorates.

Real Estate Advisory Board

Howard Stern
Creative Office Advisor

Former President of Hudson Pacific Properties (NYSE: HPP) and former CIO of Arden Realty (Former NYSE:ARI) responsible for large West Coast office and creative office portfolios.

David Gold
Multifamily & Manufactured Housing Advisor

CEO of Inspire Communities with over 30 years of institutional experience owning, financing, and investing in domestic and international commercial real estate.

Joyce Storm
Retail Advisor

Principal at Wheelock Street Capital with over 29 years of retail experience. Former EVP of Real Estate and Development for Sony Theatres, advised Anschutz Entertainment Group and Woolworths on significant restructuring engagements, led leasing at New England Development Group, and spent over a decade with the Taubman Company. Has been involved in the acquisition or divestiture of over $3bn of retail and has leased, developed or repositions over 40mm square feet.